Furoshiki fabric gift wrap

Furoshiki fabric gift wrap

Fabric gift wrap, traditionally called 'furoshiki' in Japan and was used to wrap bundles of textiles in the 17th century. But now typically used as gift wrapping.

This modern twist on the traditional fabric wrapping has been made from vintage cotton resembling a stone washed sage colour, with maine style stars screenprinted on.

In a world where still sadly not all paper based gift wrap is recyclable, why not wrap your gifts in this reusable fabric gift wrap. The furoshiki fabric wrap can be used again and again - the gift that keeps on giving! Or indeed, use the furoshiki fabric wrap as a napkin or face covering...there are countless possibilities.

Made in a small batch to make the most from the sheet of pre-loved material. Screen printed by hand so each furoshiki fabric wrap is unique. 

Material : cotton
Size : 50cm x 55cm (approximately)
Machine wash at 30°
Iron on reverse

Get that warm fuzzy feeling that you are doing your bit for the environment and reducing landfill - who knew upcycling could be so pretty!

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