Charity Cheetah print scarf

Charity Cheetah print scarf

This design has sketched and then turned into a print following a conversation with a close friend, looking to support a charity close to her heart - The Pituitary Foundation. 

Her gorgeous little boy has a little known condition, Hypopituitarism. Hypopituitarism is a condition in which the pituitary gland functions improperly, producing too little of one or more hormones. In some cases, it may completely fail to produce a specific hormone. 

Together we have designed this scarf with his favourite animal, the cheetah. With their blessing, this scarf is for sale with over 40% of the proceeds going straight to the charity. 

This scarf/wrap is hand printed with cheetahs, in a two colour process. Each element has been individually hand printed onto zingy orange cotton, for a truly unique scarf. The cheetahs have been initially printed in ivory, with the second print block in black fabric ink to highlight the stunning markings found on this incredible creature. 
This scarf measures approximately 1.5m x 1m, made from 100%cotton
The production process for this scarf begins with cutting the length of fabric, hemming and printing before drying. With this in mind production time for each scarf is between 14-21 days. Made to order

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