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From the origins of potato printing

Do you remember back to when you were a child and you carved shapes from half potatoes to then dip them in gloopy paint and stamp onto paper - oh the delight at creating your very own print!

Some of us didn't really grow out of that feeling of elation!

As fun as potato printing is, sadly our beloved spuds do not have longevity on their side and become, well....yucky! So I turned to a product called Speedball Easy Carve - and it is exactly that! Easy to carve. Genius!

I find pleasure in the simple process of transferring my pencil sketch to the carve block, then carving the soft rubber leaving my image in relief.

Top tip - I discovered through Pinterest (aside of eating too much chocolate I probably hungrily trawl through Pinterest like an addict)...I digress! But by going over your relief image with a Sharpie pen to 'reveal' the image really helps. Below you can see a progress shot of Rosebud the cow. This little lady was a commission from a young farmer for her mum; Rosebud was her mum's favourite cow from their farm, and Rosebud soon became immortalised in fabric ink on a teal scarf.

Designs can be beautifully simple as a shape, or intricate; simply having the freedom to make your mark! A true artist might say that this act conveys an emotion. Here comes the 'intelligent' you perhaps think that whilst as babies we are encouraged by our care givers to grasp a felt tip in our chubby hands and make a much celebrated mark on paper...which will be hung in our homes, pride of place...maybe, we haven't grown up? Or maybe I should say I haven't grown up and I still like to 'make my mark' through my designs?!

Nevertheless, surely we all like to make our mark on the world - go out and make your mark!

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