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Little Babbit's Monday Musings

Too many scatter cushions? Never!

Does your partner/husband complain about the number of cushions on the sofa, then dramatically announces in a theatrical tone (as the cushions are tossed across the lounge)...."scatter cushions"!

Or, your child insists on sitting on the seam edge of your favourite cushion, which crushes it like a pancake, because "but I like to sit like this, it's comfy"!

I guess it is a back-handed compliment....perhaps?! These cushions we lovingly choose to compliment the décor and add an element of 'grown up' to our lounge, are at least used! Personally, and I know this is 'way out there' but I like to have the cushions behind my back so I can wriggle into the squidginess of the nest of cushions on the sofa. There is the odd occasion when hiding behind a cushion is useful if there is something 'creepy' on the telly!

Newspaper cushion - you what?!

I think my earliest cushion creation was made from newspaper!

"You what?!" I hear you squeak in a pitch that only dogs can hear! I know, mad isn't it! The skills I have brought from an adventure with the Brownies as a girl into adulthood! I recall us making ourselves a woven seat pad from lengths of folded newspaper into a square seat pad, tucked into a plastic bag (to keep it waterproof) as we sat by our campfire toasting marshmallows on a stick we had found in the hedgerow - not something you would be able to do & safety!

You may be pleased to know that despite this key life skill I have moved onto soft furnishings that are designed for comfort! Equally you will be pleased to know that the concept of cushions have moved from, not only my early experience, but that of the Middleages when they were first noted to be a symbol of wealth, and filled with reeds or straw!

Hygge (pronounced 'hue-guh')

noun: a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture).

For me, Hygge and cushions go hand in hand. Just close your eyes and imagine this: the winter night has drawn in, it is cold and dark outside. You are sitting on the sofa, legs curled up under you, nestled into sumptuous cushions in a variety of soft fabrics that cuddle your body. Your hands cupped round a steaming mug of hot chocolate. The wood burner lit and roaring away warming the room.

My grandmother was Danish and the cushion she created as a young woman, with traditional scandi style images in tapestry threads, sits amongst my own printed cushions. That one my daughter is not allowed to sit on and crush like a pancake!!

Cushions can tell stories, they can bring us closer to those we have lost.

Who even thought I could write this much about cushions!

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