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Little Babbit's Monday Musings!

Have you stopped, and taken a moment to reflect on how colour affects your mood?

I must confess I hit a personal all time low when I lost my baby, I was in a dark place. So, with a huge intake of breath I decided I wanted to feel brighter - to be able to see the good in life once more.

At this point I should add that I am no 'expert', I am just talking from personal experience as to the benefits I have felt from Colour Therapy. Yes, it is a real thing! Colour Therapy, or Chromotherapy, stimulates our mood with colour. Why not check out the article on Calm Moment for an enlightening read on Colour Therapy, explaining the principles behind the impact of colour on our wellbeing.

Surround yourself with colour

I have started to make a conscious effort to ensure I am surrounded by colours that make me feel positive. I am particularly fond of yellow at the moment - that beautiful buttery tone. I wrap myself in my yellow @Hariandthegang 'Grateful Heart' sueded fleece cardi, which feels like being hugged. Let's face it, we all love a hug!

As I write this we are in the midst of Autumn, a season some may find a struggle as we enter the darkness of winter. But, when you are out and about take a brief moment to see the changing colours on the trees - those beautiful golden yellows, copper tones and russet reds. The deep rich green of the grass now recovered from being sunbaked over the summer. On the days mother nature gifts us with blue sky and sunshine, have a look for yourself and see the colours. It is like having your eyes opened for you.

My colour moods

I thought I would share my musings on the colours I find most uplifting...

1. Yellow! I have gone a touch yellow mad at home; not only is my kitchen a soft gentle yellow but I have switched two of my dilapidated dining chairs for a simply devine yellow velvet ottoman! As I mentioned above yellow, to me, is a warm hug. I have just realised that I sound like Olaf the snowman from Disney's Frozen! But no truer words are spoken by a fictitious snowman!

2. Orange. Now this can be from corals to zingy orange sunsets, where it looks like the sky is on fire! As you know I like to print scarves and I tend to revert back to my two firm favorites; one of which is one of my first prints onto a bright coral colour. This is a beautifully soft cotton muslin scarf, which adds a splash of colour to brighten even the most somber of outfits.

3. Red. Red can bring mixed emotions but predominantly, for me, I find red to be empowering. If I am feeling anxious and lacking confidence I reach for my favorite red shoes, and it is like an immediate response. I walk taller, ready to take on the world. Girl Power!

4. Green, and a well documented colour to bring a sense of calm. I have also been using the addition of succulents in my home. The greens almost seem to be in soft focus. Instant chillax!

5. Blue; now I appreciate the phrase "I feel blue" is associated with low mood but for me the colour connects me to the coast. The beach is where I go to recharge my soul - a sense of freedom.

Finally, this is probably the most random of conclusions to write but in the words of the equine friend to Lulu the butterfly horse on the kids programme Zafari, "be colour brave". In essence, experiment, find the colours that give you an emotional uplift.

Enjoy finding your colour moods!

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